Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Easter Egg Appeal take place?

General Public:

The Appeal takes place between Wednesday 2nd March 2022 and Friday 1st April 2022.

Mini Appeals:

The Appeal takes place between whenever you wish and  Friday 1st April 2022.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any Easter Eggs after the above deadlines as they will be distributed to the charities and other organisations very shortly after this date to ensure delivery for Easter.

How can I be involved?

  • You can donate a gift or run a Mini-Appeal in your workplace or organisation.
  • You could donate a couple of hours of your time on Saturday 2nd April to help sort the Easter Eggs at our storage facility within Kirkgate Shopping Centre in Bradford. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to be involved.
  • You could help spread the word using social media. Use twitter handles – @jcibradford and @jcieasteregg follow us or you can ‘LIKE’ our Facebook

Where and when can I donate an Easter Egg?

If you are interested in running a Mini-Appeal, please complete our online registration form . You will then receive an email from the team with further details once we have received all our nominations from our charities.

If you are an individual wanting to buy an Easter Egg to donate. You can the Kirkgate Shopping Centre in Bradford.

Where can I drop off my Easter Egg(s)?

You can drop your Easter Eggs at The Kirkgate Shopping Centre in Bradford. Just ask a member of security they will assist you by putting the Easter Eggs in our secure storage facility.

If you are bringing numerous eggs, please put your eggs in bin liners or bigger carrier bags. The security team at the Kirkgate are often on hand to help if they are available, but please be prepared to carry your eggs and bring sufficient help with you.

If you are dropping off a large amount of Easter Eggs, we may be able to arrange for you to drop them off via the deliveries entrance at Kirkgate Shopping Centre (opposite McDonalds).  For security reasons you MUST register CLICK HERE to request access to drop off Easter Eggs providing contact info,  date, time and your vehicle details. We will need notice of your request so that we can confirm this with the security team at Kirkgate.

Can I arrange collection of my Easter Eggs?

Unfortunately we cannot offer collection of Easter Eggs. The team are all volunteers who work full-time for other organisations. We instead offer a central drop-off point at the Kirkgate Shopping Centre in Bradford, please see details above.

We’ve collected more eggs than expected. What should we do?

That’s great news. If you manage to collect extra eggs, please kindly label these eggs as spare. We can then make sure they are allocated to charities.

If you are running a mini-appeal and have collected additional eggs please email the team at [email protected] to let us know your final numbers collected.


I am from a charity and would be interested in receiving Easter Eggs for children, what do I need to do?

We partner with a number of local charities and organisations that work with disadvantaged families, young people and children, but we are always interested in hearing from others that we may be able to help. Please complete our online registration form and we will contact you to discuss how we can help.


Who do we collect Easter Eggs for?
We only accept requests for Easter Eggs from charities and local authority agencies who work with disadvantaged families and children on a daily basis. The Easter Egg Appeal is fundamentally a secret appeal whereby families and their children hopefully do not know where the Easter Eggs come from.

If you have any further questions which are not answered above, please email [email protected]  Our team work full-time so may not be able to respond instantly, but someone will come back to you as soon as possible.