JCI Easter Egg Appeal

The JCI Bradford Easter Egg Appeal is an annual community project

The JCI Bradford Easter Egg Appeal project launched in 2014 achieving phenomenal success collecting over 1,000 Easter eggs.  We now achieve, an astonishing, 4,000+ eggs every year. Please help us continue this very worthwhile project bringing a little happiness to disadvantaged families and children at Easter.

Eradicating poverty is something that cannot be achieved by JCI Bradford alone, but our appeal projects can help those struggling on a daily basis with poverty.  Not only do we aim to bring a bit of happiness we also want to show our community that others do care.

JCI Bradford members run this appeal on a volunteer basis and to ensure its success we need eggs-tra help in collecting Easter eggs for these families and children.

We have created a ‘mini-appeal’ approach which is one of the most successful parts of our other award-winning and world famous projects, the Secret Santa Appeal.  Organisations of all kinds from businesses, factories, shops, offices to schools and colleges use the ‘mini-appeal’ to yield half a dozen presents from a small office to several hundred presents from larger businesses and schools. JCI Bradford appreciates all the support it receives from the local and business community.

In its simplest form, the mini-appeal just need someone in an organisation to spread the word to your colleagues, suppliers, customers and co-ordinate where the Easter eggs can be left and stored until collected.

You may want to set up a display in your reception area and invite guests, clients etc. to take part or hold a party and invite their staff, colleagues and clients to bring Easter Eggs to the party and donate them to the appeal. It’s up to you how you would like to help. You can simply register to run a mini-appeal via our website CLICK HERE

You can ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page or follow us on twitter @jcieasteregg and find up-to-date information as it is released. You can also read more about the appeal progress on our blog.

If you are interested in knowing more about what we do and how to get involved just email [email protected]