Drop Off Information

All the info you need to complete a successful drop off of Easter Egg at the Kirkgate Shopping Centre.
Easter eggs can be dropped at the Kirkgate Shopping Centre in Bradford no later than 5pm on Friday 1st April 2022.
Depending on how many Easter eggs you have to deliver please consider the following options:
  1. Less than 50 Easter eggs – Please find a member of security staff (blue jackets) patrolling the shop floor in Kirkgate and ask if they can open the Easter Egg Appeal store room for you.
  2. More than 50 Easter eggs – We can arrange for you to use the delivery entrance at Kirkgate Shopping Centre. This is accessed by driving along “Kirkgate” and then when you see Subway on the corner, you continue straight to drive onto the paved/pedestrian area towards McDonalds and take a left down into the basement of the Shopping Centre. A map can be found below.
    You will need to pre-register your vehicle and driver before access will be given please use this form CLICK HERE
    • Name
    • Organisation
    • Contact details
    • Vehicle Registration
    • How many eggs you are delivering
    • Date and approx. time of drop off

    We need at least 48 hours’ notice if you’d like to use the delivery entrance and it will be subject to  The Kirkgate Shopping Centre’s approval.

Please note – Security staff at the Kirkgate may be dealing with an incident and not be instantly available to help you, we’d appreciate your patience whilst you are waiting for their assistance when dropping off Easter eggs. Please make sure you have enough helpers with you to carry the Easter eggs from your vehicle to the store room – Kirkgate security staff may not be able to assist and there are a couple of flights of stairs required to access the store room. We will be putting up signs to help direct you to the store room. Please place your Easter eggs in the middle of the room.

The address is:

Kirkgate Centre
West Yorkshire

Tel:  01274 392663

IMPORTANT – The ONLY access to the security room is via the Sunbridge Road end (see map below).  You have to drive over a pedestrianised zone.  All other routes onto Kirkgate are closed off with bollards.