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Here you can read more about the latest local projects we've run at JCI Bradford. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about and get involved with the future business, community and social projects we're planning.

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Easter Egg Appeal - Annually - March-April

The JCI Bradford Easter Egg Appeal project launched in 2014 achieving phenomenal success collecting 1070 Easter eggs.  In 2015 this total was smashed with an amazing 2335 eggs collected. It's a very worthwhile project bringing a little happiness to disadvantaged families and children at Easter.  You can read about the 2015 appeal on our blog CLICK HERE


Harvest Festival Appeal - Annually - September - October

JCI Bradford has chosen this project because it is inline with the United Nations' (our global partner) number one Millenium Development Goal (MDG) to address extreme poverty and hunger.

MDG's not just target international issues but they include the UK. Hundreds of people in Bradford go hungry everyday and poverty affects young children through to the elderly. With support from their community and projects like this people less fortunate and vulnerable can be helped.

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Secret Santa Appeal - Annually between November-December

Every year JCI Bradford gets together with The Pulse and local businesses to collect Christmas presents for disadvantaged and needy children from all over the Bradford area.

JCI Bradford leads the way with the annual Secret Santa Appeal starting originally in 1989. The appeal provides a great opportunity for members to learn and practice skills in project management and people management etc.

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